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A 3D image…that isn’t

Happy New Year, everyone!

I was challenged before Christmas with an order with this image. Whoa! I’ve never done anything even REMOTELY close to this. I told the client I would try, but no promises!

This is one if my first attempts (of over 20!) As you can see, its way too dark in some places.

Here is another attempt. At some point I switched to a wood that was more similar to the clients’… so the settings would be more accurate. I also made marks of things she should know about her wooden piece and this engraving. Knots in the wood will distort the image. Sometimes I can work around it, but not with this image. Sometimes the grain in the wood can cause a slight variation. Different woods are more noticeable than others.

Finally! The finished product, with 4 days to spare before Christmas. This was cutting it close in my book!

What is so amazing is that this is a 2D image! I didn’t realize this until I had started to work with the file. I love it when clients’ challenge me out of my comfort zone!

I was pleased, and more importantly, the client was thrilled!

Until next time,


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