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Engraving Granite

Hello Everyone!

I hope ya'll are staying warm! This month has been COLD in Virginia. I'm ready for Spring! My garden is calling my name!

I have been really busy in the studio this month! Last year at this time things were REALLY slow after Christmas. I'm really excited to see the growth year over year.

The feature for this blog post is the Columbarium that is located at a local church in Lynchburg. They have asked me to engrave their plaques for them, and I am so excited about this oppurtunity.

For this plaque, I met with the family to get an idea of what sort of customization they had in mind. They wanted something that reflected their loved one. The Church only reuqires that the personalization be "tasteful" and that it blends well with the other plaques. For that goal, I keep the font, etc. the same. The clients can customize the center.

This client and her late husband like to sail--at the beach, at local lakes, it didn't matter. So we looked at sailboat pictures, beach scenes, sunset scenes, just to name a few. She decided on a sailboat. I love this lasting tribute to her late husband.

The church was so happy they have given me several more to do! Meeting this need in the community is very fullfilling.

Until next time!


ps. please SHARE with your friends and family--just fwd the email!

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