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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving, no matter how you celebrate. I know there were years were my holidays were spent quietly home alone. Some years I appreciated the peace and quiet, some I didn't. This year we, like many families, had an empty chair. My husband's step-father passed away this last April from cancer and his quiet personality was missed. We did have a new friend over. She and I met through my Notary business and we were all entertained by her antics. This definitely was NOT a quiet holiday. This was also our first Thanksgiving with our new rescue dog, Haze. He thoroughly enjoys holidays and is looking forward to a new bone on Christmas.

Enough about me! The laser is humming right along this time of year. I've had to temporarily suspend my "get 'er done Wednesdays" on social media because everything is a Christmas gift this time of year. No worries, though! I'll start it back up in January!

I did get these latte cups done this week and I can share (because they are a gift from me!). The also come with a black silicone lid. I may have to keep one for myself. They are going to my sons' teachers at his homeschool co-op. This is our first year. I'm also organizing the Christmas party. Please keep me in your thoughts. ;)

I also was able to engrave some live edge cedar this week. It smells absolutely heavenly. I can't show you the front side, since it's a gift...but here is the back. It bothers me that the logo does not look centered, but it is! This often happens with irregular shaped material and requires a discussion with the client about where "center" is.

That's all for this week. My deadline for Christmas orders is Tuesday. Please don't wait.

Many blessings,


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