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Heavy metal!

Hello everyone!

I've been engraving some metal lately...not the head banging heavy metal from the 80's...but tumblers, flashlights, herb containers, just to name a few.

I was contacted by a local farm to engrave some metal containers that they plan to put herbs in. They turned out great!

I was also contacted by a local group to engrave some flashlights for the goody bags for prom. It was so much fun. My youngest son helped unbox them all, take them out of the plastic bags, then I would engrave them, he would take out the paper divider keeping the batteries from working, and double check that each flashlight worked. It was quite an assembly line of production! We were able to knock out the flashlights in a couple of hours. The kids were thrilled with the token, even the chaperones wanted one! (sorry for the blurry photo!)

Another recent project was an absolute honor to do. Those who know me personally, know that in a previous life I was a school librarian for 20 years. My last year I had 2 siblings that are my all time favorite students. These two will go far and I'm so glad I have stayed in touch! His mother contacted me about engraving a large water bottle for him. Earning his black belt at his age is quite an accomplishment!

If you have something you would like engraved, please reach out! my email is Also, please share this newsletter with a friend who might be interested. I really appreciate it.

Until next time,


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