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It's been awhile...

December 7, 2022

Hey Everyone!

It's been awhile. Sorry I have been MIA. I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving--however you chose to spend it. We host Thanksgiving at our house every year. Hubs fries the turkey (with a fire extinguisher close by!) My boys and I make all the traditional sides--mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, carrots, greens, etc. This year the carrots and greens came from our garden. That was super exciting for me!

My studio is sporadic in the summer...but the closer we get to the holidays, the more time I spend with my laser.

Here is some work I did for the local car club. This is a sample leather frame. I also did some tumblers, portable battery chargers and cork coasters for them.

I was also asked to create some tumblers for a local cheerleading squad. This was really fun. Cheerleader have so much energy. Oh, to be young again...or maybe just have that much energy?

This is the design I created for a friends wedding. The cake server and champagne flutes turned out amazing!

The holidays are my busiest time of year. The window to place Christmas orders is quickly closing. I will probably close it early next week. Please contact me ASAP to get those orders in so they can be complete for the BIG DAY.



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