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I‘m sure some of you are surprised to see me here. I’m kinda surprised as well. Those who know me personally know that 1. I hate to write, 2. I hate technology, and 3. I hate peas. A blog has nothing to do with the last one, thankfully.

I plan to use this space to document what I’ve accomplished in the last week. At some point I may be limiting my time on social media, so I’m trying to build this up as a back up plan. We’ll see..

So much of what I do is in front of a computer (more technology, ugh!). A friend wants some Christmas ornaments made that are sewing themed. Everything for the laser starts out in the computer.

Earlier in the week I engraved a clock for my Parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary. I’m so blessed.

Later in the week, I met with some local churches about engraving the “plaques”… not sure what they are called… for their columbarium. I wasn’t sure my machine was powerful enough, so they agreed to bring over a piece of granite… and it worked! This was the subject of my “Get ‘er done!“ Wednesday video that I post every week on FB and Instagram. I just never know what is going to pop out of my mouth once the video starts rolling. Lol

And today, I was able to play with a new pattern I just bought. I really like that I can make these super tiny, or larger (about 17x11).

Well, I’ve done all this from the app on my phone. I better stop while I’m ahead. 😊

Many blessings,


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