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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Happy Sunday, everyone!

It has been a busy few weeks! This time of year makes it difficult to post pictures, because so many things are Christmas gifts.

Here are a few items I've been working on...

This is an acrylic phone stand. A friend made me one and I use it in my kitchen all the time! I use the All Recipes App (highly recommend!) on my phone when I cook and this helps me keep my phone up out of the mess.

I also did a really large order of tumblers for a JV and Varsity cheerleading squad. They turned out great!

The file I posted about last time? These are the coasters or ornaments that I made with it. The client had a tree removed from their yard and this is what is left of one of the branches. I really like the sentimental value of this gift!

These cutting boards and cheese slicer boards engraved fabulously!

I have so many other things I've been working on, but they are gifts and I can't post pictures. oh well! Maybe after the holidays I will be allowed to share.

Don't forget to join me on FB and Instagram. I post my "Get 'er done!" videos on Wednesday. Lord, you just never know what is going to pop out of my mouth! lol

Until next week!


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