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Wood and Leather!

Hello Everyone!

I've been busy in the studio since we chatted last! The theme for gifts this year seems to be wood and leather.

I was able to engrave a left over piece of live edge wood from one couple's remodel project. Maybe you saw it on FB? Almost every project starts with lots of back and forth with the client (via email/text/FB messenger, etc) about placement, fonts, all sorts of detail! I have to get it right, because once the engraving starts its impossible to make corrections! Here is just 3 pics that went back and forth with the client about placement and size of font. There were a few "areas" that I had to work around in the wood, those are the pencil marks.

This piece was a BEAST--it barely fit in my machine. I had to remove some safety doors to slide it in from the side. Of course, the doors were put back before the laser was turned on! Safety first!

Then the engraving began! My client was in Scotland while I was working on this piece, so some of our conversations were via video!

And here is the final product! I was pleased, but more importantly, the client was thrilled!

Then, it’s on to the next project! This project was the subject of my “get ‘er done Wednesday“ videos that I post on Instagram and Facebook every week. I mentioned in the video that people would only be able to see the finished product on the blog.

Then, the chatting with the client began. I gave a few choices for fonts…

She choose the top font…

and here is the finished piece.

Wood ornaments are very popular this year, these were given to 3 adorable children.

I’ve also done several leather journals and wallets this year. Only a few can be posted…

Wow! No wonder I’ve been tired! Santa isn’t the only one who may sleep the whole month of January!

That’s all for now!

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Many blessings!


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