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A wedding gift

Hello everyone!

Recently (like yesterday!) my son was in a wedding. Not wanting to give the typical gift from the registry, I tried to find something unique.

Here is the original inspiration I found on Pinterest...

Some time back I had engraved on a nice piece of live edge wood for a client. I had been following the company she purchased the wood from on FB. I reached out to him and set up a time to visit to pick out some suitable wood. Here is what I brought home with me.

It was a more difficult task than I anticipated to get the wedding party and family to sign it at the rehearsal Friday night. The bride and groom were everywhere! The final gift brought tears to the bride's eyes. So worth it!

Overall, I think the gift was a success. Here are some pics from the reception.

Love was definitely in the air!

Until next time~blessings!



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