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Puzzled Car and Truck show, Oct. 21

Hey everyone! Happy Fall, ya'll! I love fall--cooler temps, chili, quilts...I digress, sorry!

I am starting to get ready for the Puzzled Car and Truck Show on Oct. 21 at the Plaza in Lynchburg. This is THE BIGGEST car show in the Lynchburg area. Last year, the show had over 500 cars and roughly 10,000 visitors. It is worth stopping by!

Here is the website with all the details!

I try to engrave this for my booth that people can buy right then--cash and carry. Since the jeep peeps at this show are such a huge part, I bought an image off of Etsy and thought I would try it on some live edge wood, some beer pilsners, coasters, etc. I really like how this image is turning out.

And, of course, with the Yellowstone season about to begin...I couldn't resist!

If you are in the Lynchburg area on Oct. 21--please stop by and say hi!




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